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About Us

Dan Wooldridge had a vision to make life easier for folks tasked with adding tile to their homes and businesses.  Dan would have likely never even thought about tile bullnose had he not remodeled his bathroom during the spring of 2001, with porcelain and granite tile.  You see, when you start to prepare for a remodel with tile, you begin to hear terms such as "bullnose", and "you should have that bullnosed".  Well it turns out, it's not always so easy to find or make bullnose for that tile you have just spent $893.43 on, including tax, last month from your local tile store, and they will no longer refund it.  And when you went in to ask about bullnose, they told you it wasn't a problem, you'd just have to wait 8 weeks.  And that might have been you getting lucky.  They could have just as easily told you that the bullnose was simply not available for your tile.  What do you do then?




In 2001, that was exactly the problem Dan Wooldridge faced.  He became so frustrated, he decided to do the bullnose DIY.  Big mistake.  Or was it?  Dan went ahead and purchased around $1000.00 worth of tools, just to complete enough bullnose to span the length of his compact car.  People called him crazy.  He found out he was.  Sure enough, there was "more" to it, then just the tools.  And even with a natural knack for it, and practice, he still could not replicate the look he wanted.


Fast forward to 2002, the year Bullnose World of Colorado Springs opens up.  Dan Wooldridge decides to take his newfound bullnose expertise, and carve a business out of it.  In the mean time, he buys a $7,500 bullnose machine.  The precision this machine offered, meant the quality of the bullnose was in another league compared with the best "hand efforts" Dan had seen.  But with business increasing, it just didn't have it all. It sure couldn't keep up with demand. But it was certainly a step up from before.  So Dan, being the resourceful guy that he is, took to building a "hand made" bullnose machine, entirely based on the design of the $7,500 bullnosing machine, with three times the volume capacity.  Things are starting to roll here.


In 2005, customers are also starting to catch on with more fury then ever.  Things are starting to feel blessed and fortunate for Dan.  Dan's hand made bullnose machine, as great as it is, cannot keep up with the demand for bullnose.  Introducing: Bevone.  During the calender year, Dan begins to research high capacity inline bullnose machines.  He falls in love with Italian manufacturer, Bevone.


2006: The Arrival.  After one year of being hand built (thanks to Italy's marvelous mandatory vacation time), and thrown on a ship, it arrives at the Bullnose World of Colorado Springs facilities. 


2007: By now, the Bevone, has been lovingly, permanently referred to as "the machine".  It has been custom outfitted and modified for optimal performance in our shop environment, for the tile bullnose purpose, we use it for.


2012 and beyond: Dan Wooldridge hands the reigns over to his son Timothy Wooldridge.  A key part of the operation since 2004, Tim Wooldridge brings his personal expertise to the table. Stone fabrication.  While other kids his age in Colorado may have equated "stone" at that age with a form of marijuana, Tim Wooldridge was fabricating tile for homes, hospitals, schools, and the like.  Upon taking the helm at Bullnose World, Tim Wooldridge has taken his vast knowledge of technologies, and integrated them into the core of the business.  Often, you will find a unique combination of old world, hands-on craftsmanship combined with cutting edge technology at our shop in Colorado Springs.  Others say it, we do it.®


Fun Facts:


Q: What is the hardest natural stone that is sold as tile?

A: Absolute Black Granite


Q: What types of bits and tools are used to cut, shape, and polish stone?

A: Diamond impregnated metals / resins


Q: How many feet per day (24 hour period) can your machine process of TILE?

A: It depends on the tile for ultimate completion (ie: final polish / glaze).  However, the machine can put the finished or nearly finished edge on 5000-7000 tiles per day (24 hour period).


Q: Is Italian built / designed stone tools the best in the industry?

A: Absolutely!  In our experience, Italians not only make some of the best stone tools in the world, but they also make some of the best tiles!  Takes one, to know one, eh?


Q: Why should I order from a company called

"Bullnose World"?

A: Why shouldn't you?  We actually think Bullnose World is a pretty cool name, sorry you don't like it!  In all seriousness, though, we are the only business of our type on the internet.  So for one, we're practically your only online choice.  But that shouldn't be your reasoning.  This should...  We have been in business for 12 years.  We use state of the art, Italian made, stone machinery.  We are doing what we love.  And we are darn good at it, if we must say so ourselves.  It isn't by coincidence, that we have done the Parade of Homes, the past 12 years.  Nor coincidence is it, that we have also provided bullnosed tile for the Olympic Training Center, Penrose Hospital, Bass Pro Shops, Cheyanne Mountain High School,  United States Air Force Academy, and much more.


 Hello, Tim Wooldridge here, President and CEO of Bullnose World LLC.  I'd like to personally welcome you to Colorado-Tile-Bullnose.com. We are both an online and brick & mortar source for ready made and custom made bullnose products & more.

In business since 2002, our mission has always been to provide the best online tile bullnose ordering process on the internet. We strive to be both concise, affordable, and helpful. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call, email, or chat with us. We would be glad to answer any questions you have. Beyond what is available for sale on our website, we offer custom bullose products for customers of all types. So don't be shy, ask us any questions you may have!

We are always adding new features, and over the next few months we plan to really expand our store, so feel free come back regularly.

You can contact us at:
+1-719-632-1264 or email us at Sales@Colorado-Tile-Bullnose.com

We are located at:
3204 N. Cascade Ave., Suite B
Colorado Springs, CO

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